WETFEET tests in FloWave, Edinburgh

WETFEET tests in FloWave, Edinburgh

In the month of April WETFEET partners were active with two set of experimental runs performed in the FloWave facility in Edinburgh at a 1:40 scale.

The first experiment is related to the influence of the negative spring in the OWC spar buoy with different inner chambers being tested to test the influence in the buoy heave motion.

The second test is related to the submergence, where a given set of submergence configurations considered appropriate after numerical studies, were chosen and tested experimentally in wave tank conditions, providing complementary insight on the motion and loads experienced by the OWC spar buoy under extreme wave conditions.

The purpose of WP3 of the WETFEET project is to confirm the technical feasibility and potential impacts on survivability, performance and O&M of the selected breakthroughs in OWC and Symphony WECs. The target is to obtain preliminary designs for each feature through numerical and experimental testing and additional engineering analysis.